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Psychologists work with the mental and emotional well being of infants, children, parents, couples and families.

A psychologist may assist parents with babies in various ways:

  • Preparation for becoming a parent or giving birth
  • Parental mental health: stress management, difficulties with adjustment, loss and bereavement, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and other concerns
  • Infant mental health: eating, sleeping and elimination difficulties (these sometimes have a psychological component and may not just be medical), developmental difficulties, problems with adjustment, loss and bereavement, trauma, aggression, relationship problems and other concerns
  • The parent infant relationship: difficulties in the relationship between parent/s and baby
  • Family difficulties: familial and environmental stress, loss and bereavement, trauma, adjustment to a new baby (often for older siblings), relationship difficulties and other concerns

A psychologist may provide this assistance through different services, such as:

  • Individual parent guidance sessions
  • Courses
  • Support or psychotherapy groups
  • Individual counseling or therapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Parent infant psychotherapy (PIP) or parent child psychotherapy (working with both the parents and baby together)
  • Developmental, emotional and other assessments
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