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Your nervous system controls everything. Chiropractic looks at the way your child’s nervous system is functioning through feeling for small restrictions in the movements of the spinal joints. These restrictions are the body’s way of communicating any imbalances. The nervous system controls what muscles tighten up and consequently, what joints are restricted. It can also work vice versa, the joints, be them irritated/sprained, may cause irritation back to both the nervous system and the surrounding muscles. By relaxing any stiff/irritated joints in the spine, the stimulus that may be causing the child to be irritable, is decreased, and the child then begins to feel more comfortable, more able to cope with everyday stimuli, and living with a nervous and immune system that is now functioning optimally. You may notice your child’s response to treatment in other ways too – some feed easier, some wind easier and some are generally a lot more content during awake times.

Whilst mainstream treatments centre on oral medication to cover up the symptoms, chiropractic aims to look at the cause of the problem and treat it. Chiropractic understands the nervous system must be in balance. A balanced state results in good health. In this balanced state a person would have: good recovery ability (i.e. ability to cope with everyday common stresses), high energy, few symptoms, resistance to infections, mental alertness and excellent health.

In general, if the child’s spine is over stimulated due to stiff and irritated joints, the overall nervous system function is over loaded and fails to work optimally. This can result in an over- or less commonly, under -aroused state and ultimately out of balance. Consequently, the child is no longer able to cope and crying is the only way to convey this message. Most parents ask: why have children got these irritated/stiff joints in the first place? The answer is usually from either in-utero or from the birth process itself. If the uterus was imbalanced the child may lie with one shoulder in an awkward position or more commonly, the neck leant towards one side. The birth process causes the majority of problems and it is not only c-sections that are traumatic. Natural birth, be it too long, too quick or involving the use of forceps or vacuum can also provide strain to the spine. The older child tends to collect these stresses as they go from learning to sit, crawl and walk/run. Those all too typical landing on the buttocks can create irritations throughout the spine. The above article was supplied by the Chiroclinic in Fourways Johannesburg.

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