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  • To ensure that your child’s asthma is well controlled, they should be reviewed at least every 6 months or more often if severe or not well controlled.
  • Record your child’s asthma symptoms in a diary. Record the symptoms that your child experiences, during the day and night, whether their sleep is disturbed due to symptoms, and how often they need to take their reliever medication due to symptoms. Providing this information to your child’s doctor will assist in prescribing appropriate medication.
  • Have a written asthma action plan. This is a written plan designed especially for your child to help you manage their asthma. It will give you information on what to do if your child’s asthma worsens. It also gives you a clear guide of when to seek medical help. Ask your child’s doctor to write one for you at their next visit.
  • To assist children’s schools and daycare staff, it is important they are aware that your child has asthma. You should provide them with access to your child’s reliever medication and spacer device. They should be shown how to administer the medication and given instructions on when and how the medication should be given.
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