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We all need an emotional boost now and again. Let’s find out how Sister Lilian Remedies can help.

Let’s face it – after a long day of juggling family and work commitments, most of us are at the end of our tether and need a good rest to recharge our batteries and reconnect our minds to the bigger picture. And after weeks of soldiering on at the relentless pace expected from a mom, it’s quite normal to feel emotionally drained and, frankly put, lost.


So, where do you start to reconnect the dots of your life – to find strength for day-to-day tasks and looking after your family?



Practical tips to make sense of it all:

1. Get some fresh air

A stroll around the block can do wonders for bubbling emotions. It’s also an ideal opportunity to take a few breaths of fresh air and a moment or two alone to clarify your thoughts.

2. Write it down

If you’re struggling to control your emotions and feel unappreciated, pen down how you feel in a “Current” column. Then, write down some inspirational quotes, good advice, breakthrough thoughts or compliments received in an “Objective” column. Next time you feel down, try to focus on making these current negative feelings turn into a positive reality.

3. Think before you react

One of the most difficult skills to master, but, once learned, worth more than its weight in nappies. Words have the potential to shape a life and stick to you, and, once uttered, can never be taken back. Remember this, especially when your little ones are growing up.

4. Negotiate to find the perfect balance

If the main reason for your emotional distress stems from pressure – the pressure to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife and the perfect person – negotiate with your partner to balance the home workload. You can’t be more than you are and if you spread yourself too thin, because you think it’s expected of you, you’ll never be able to complete tasks to the best of your ability.


Sister Lilian Rescue Emotion

Sister Lilian Rescue Emotion is ideal to help little ones and their parents avoid the adverse effects of undue emotional mood swings. It’s also an excellent first-aid remedy, which helps deal with the shock of an emergency situation.


Sister Lilian says:

“If a mother-to-be is feeling down and nothing seems to improve matters, Sister Lilian Rescue Emotion offers safe self-help. Once the baby is born, both mom and baby can safely make use of this remedy and they’ll cope well with the new experiences, especially if a massage is included daily and no rigid routines are enforced.”


This Article was previously published in Vitalise Magazine.

Click here to read the Vitalise Magazine online.

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