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By Jennifer Davies – excerpted from Vitalise magazine


Talking, singing, eating, drinking, and, of course, breathing are all reliant on a healthy throat, which is why, when it’s sore, it really is a pain in the neck.

The most common causes of sore throats (pharyngitis) are contagious viruses and bacteria, so avoid those already infected, wash hands frequently, don’t kiss people on the mouth, and don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you’re sure your hands are clean.


Children are more prone to sore throats, especially those at day-care, crèche or school, because their immune systems are still developing. Plus, they’re often in contact with others and tend not to be as strict about hygiene, kissing and touching as adults are. Having a baby or toddler with a sore throat is particularly distressing as they often won’t eat, and cry incessantly.

You can’t always avoid being around bugs, but you can reduce your family’s chances of catching them, and help them get better if they have.


Common causes of acute sore throats include:

• Viral infections, e.g. flu, colds

• Bacterial infections

• Thrush (candida)

• Foreign object damage

• Talking or shouting too much

• Sinusitis, post-nasal drip

• Coughing, e.g. bronchitis



• Eat healthily, take supplements like vitamin C and cod liver oil, get fresh air and exercise, and use Sister Lilian ImmunoCare to support the immune system.

• Wrap up warmly, especially if you’re already ill.

• Drink plenty of fluids – water is best.

• Avoid mucus-causing food like dairy, sugar and wheat.


Nerd’s Corner

Not all sore throats are tonsillitis, and it’s recommended that repeated sore throats never be ‘treated’ by just removing them (that goes for ‘preventative’ tonsillectomy too). In fact, medical practitioners recognise that, after tonsillectomy, many children are more prone to chest problems like asthma and other respiratory infections. Rather find, and treat, the cause.

Tonsillitis is characterised by quite severe pain, the tonsils will be very red, often coated or spotted with yellow or white, and there are usually swollen neck glands and fever.


Sister Lilian TonsiCare

Sister Lilian TonsiCare is a gentle, yet effective, combination complementary remedy for relieving sore, red and infected throats, and supporting healthy tonsils and throat tissue. All Sister Lilian Remedies products are suitable for use by pregnant woman, babies and adults. Take it half-hourly or hourly while there’s infection, and three times daily as it eases up.

Administering Sister Lilian Remedies tablets

Made of isomalt, they’re quite hard and need to be crushed for little ones. Sister Lilian explains: “Place the tablet on one teaspoon. Put the back of a second identical teaspoon against the tablet and press down, grinding until the tablet is powdered.”

Give the powder as follows:

• Place directly in mouth where it mixes with saliva and is swallowed easily

• Make into paste with a little water and give on a teaspoon

• For babies, dissolve powder in 25 ml water, baby’s milk or Rooibos tea, or rub onto gums or tongue with clean fingers.


This Article was previously published in Vitalise Magazine.

Click here to read the Vitalise Magazine online.

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