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Sometimes the symptoms of Reflux can be present, but the vomiting is not. This is then termed Silent Reflux. Silent Reflux can be more damaging than normal Reflux as the acid from the stomach burns the baby on the way up and on the way down again.


It is a much more difficult condition to diagnose as the obvious vomiting symptom is not present, but numerous other symptoms are evident. If your baby suffers from a few, or many, of the symptoms associated with Reflux, it could be Silent Reflux that your baby is struggling with. It took me seven months and numerous doctors’ visits before I eventually managed to get a diagnosis that my baby had silent Reflux. If your heart tells you there is something wrong, follow your instincts and keep pushing until you get answers. Discuss the symptoms with your Health Care Practitioner and perhaps even complete the Reflux Food Diary and take it with you to your consultation. That way your Health Care Practitioner can identify patterns and symptoms, and perhaps even triggers for the Reflux episodes.

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