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By Helena Crouse – excerpted from Vitalise magazine


Much like a mom, the ear never takes a breather, even continuing to hear while you’re sleeping. The brain (thank goodness!) blocks out any sounds heard while dozing off, ensuring undisturbed rest. But rest and sleep will seem impossible if your little one is suffering from earache. And with high-pitched crying on the agenda, it’s no consolation that at 115 decibels, a baby’s cry is louder than a car hooter.

Ear infections

Ear infections in children under a year are often secondary to teething, in which case appropriate treatment can prevent recurrence and associated glue ear.

The wrong diet or food intolerances can contribute to mucus build-up and increase the risk of glue ear and infections. Excess mucus accumulates in the ears, leading to ear infections. The pain increases as the pressure in the ear builds, from a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain.


Did you know?

The smallest bones in the body can be found in the ear – the hammer, anvil and stirrup. Together they could fit on a R2 coin.


Common ear infection symptoms

• Ear redness

• Pain on affected side, worsening at night

• High-pitched crying

• Fever

• Irritability/fussiness

• Objection to lying down (fluid build-up can’t drain, causing uncomfortable pressure on the eardrum)

• Impaired hearing and inappropriate reactions to sounds

• Stuffy nose or cough

• Pulling or rubbing of ears


Statistics suggest that two out of three babies will suffer an ear infection before they turn one.


Sister Lilian shares soothing tips:

• If bottle-fed, change to a hypoallergenic formula, or one previously experienced as less problematic.

• Avoid dairy products, like yoghurt and cheese, and grain products, like baby cereals, as they often trigger mucus production.

• Place a towel-wrapped warm water bottle against the affected ear to loosen thick mucus. Regulate temperature to avoid burns.

• Prop yourself up against pillows with baby sleeping on your lap to encourage fluid drainage and pain reduction.


Sister Lilian EarCare

Trust Sister Lilian EarCare to help soothe earache and you’ll soon be grinning from ear to ear in no time. This combination complementary medicine assists with soothing ear inflammation, glue ear and mild ear infections. Let’s hear a “hooray!” for Sister Lilian Remedies.


This Article was previously published in Vitalise Magazine.

To view the Vitalise Magazine Online, CLICK HERE.

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