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Babies suffering from Reflux can exhibit all or just a few of the symptoms listed below. The number of symptoms your baby shows has no correlation to the severity of the acid Reflux.






  • Vomiting, positing or regurgitation, projectile vomiting – sometimes even out of their nose. Vomiting may occur immediately after feeds or up to 2 hours after a feed-producing a curdled milk (“cottage cheese”) vomit.
  • Irritability, excessive crying or screaming in pain, colic-like symptoms
  • Arching their back and appearing to be in pain, during or after feeds
  • Frequent hiccups or a persistent cough
  • “Wet” burps or Hiccups
  • Gulping and a look of pain on their face
  • Bad or sour smelling breath
  • Congestion, sniffy and stuffy nose- as if they have a cold
  • Sudden bursts of screaming, often waking from a sleep screaming
  • Wanting to be held all the time
  • Frequent red sore throat, often unrelated to an infection
  • Recurrent ear, throat or sinus infections or croup
  • Prefers to be upright or at an angle rather than lying flat
  • Feeding difficulties
    • Screams or cries during or after feeding
    • Seems to have a fear of food or unwillingness to eat
    • Pulling away and arching their back
    • Pulling legs up after a feed
    • Some Reflux babies want to feed all the time for comfort
    • Refusal to feed despite being hungry
  • Poor day and night time sleeping habits
    • Cat naps of between 15-45 minutes
    • Easily disturbed, light sleeper, restless
    • Does not settle easily without being held or rocked
    • Wakes frequently at night- however some Reflux babies do sleep well at night
  • Poor weight gain and a failure to thrive (in other words your baby is not sticking to his curve on the weight chart). Feeding is too painful, so your baby resists feeding.
  • Rapid weight gain– these babies comfort feed, and thus consume more food than they need to maintain a normal growth curve.
  • Hoarseness
  • Gulping, gagging or spluttering
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Respiratory problems for example choking, wheezing or frequent chest infections
  • Drooling or excessive salivation
  • Dental erosion or decay
  • Baby appears to gag herself by pushing fists, hands and fingers into her mouth
  • Strong gag reflex– which can make introducing solids a challenge
  • Can be opposed to the introduction of solid food, especially sweet foods, such as fruit, which burn her already sensitive throat.
  • Sensitive to loud noises, generally as a result of insufficient sleep
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