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  • Use baby swings and rockers to soothe and calm your baby. Just ensure that the one you choose does not have a deep well where the baby’s bum is positioned so that the position does not aggravate the Reflux. And ensure that the means of securing the baby in the chair is firm but does not tie tightly around the baby’s tummy, placing pressure on his tummy.
  • Consider using a dummy, as sucking a dummy helps to soothe the baby, and the additional saliva can help to neutralise the stomach acid.
  • Invest in a good Wrap or Baby Carrier, one that does not squash your baby’s tummy. This will make carrying your baby around all the time, and doing your other chores at the same time, much easier. Ensure the carrier keeps your baby’s spine as straight as possible and prevents them from slumping down.
  • Consider placing a Warm pack on your baby’s tummy to sooth the discomfort. Just ensure it is NOT TOO HOT! Or it will BURN your baby!
  • Holding your baby up against your shoulder and rocking gently can help to calm your baby.
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