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Reflux can be aggravated by many things, and can recur after the symptoms have completely subsided. Again each baby is different, but examples of factors that worsen Reflux are:



  • Introducing solids– generally, solids help to settle a refluxy baby as they make the stomach contents heavier and less likely to reflux. However, feeding a Reflux baby can be a very difficult exercise. The pain in the oesophagus (or memory of pain in the oesophagus) can make him resist food even if he is hungry.
  • Crawling– The baby starts to sit and the symptoms seem to improve, but then when he starts crawling he returns to a horizontal position which once more causes the contents of his stomach to leak more easily, causing a return of symptoms. Some people however report that the Reflux improves at this stage.
  • Illness– When your baby gets sick, the extra mucous seems to aggravate the symptoms.
  • Teething
  • Certain Anti-Biotics– my baby had her first anti-biotic at 1 year old, when we thought that the Reflux was a thing of the past. The anti-biotic, I believe, caused the most unbelievable flare up of the Reflux that for 2 weeks she woke every 40 minutes at night. Be sure to discuss this with your Paediatrician when anti-biotic treatment is recommended. I have researched the topic, and I have discovered that once again each baby is different and different anti-biotics have differing impacts on the Reflux.
  • Constipation
  • Vaccinations
  • An over tired baby
  • A disruption in routine – Reflux babies can be very sensitive to change. The first time we took our little one on holiday at 8 months old, it was a complete nightmare- she was soo unsettled and restless that we came back more exhausted from the “holiday” than we were before!
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