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Regardless of the manifestation of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ALL people on this spectrum, are affected in different degrees, by the “Quadrant of Impairments” that causes a disturbance in quality of development in the following areas:-

1. Language and Communication. 40% of people with “Kanner/Classic autism” never speak nor understand verbal communication. Even those across the full spectrum who do have speech, often still have severe problems understanding the normal process of reciprocal communication;

2. Social Interaction. People with autism, due to the altered chemistry and functioning within the brain, literally cannot fully understand other people’s emotions, reactions and the complexity of social relationships (Mindblind). This can result in people with autism reacting inappropriately by our “normal” standards, thus being shunned by society, which sadly can then result in these people becoming confused and isolated from those around them;

3. Imagination and Creative Play. A person with autism usually becomes trapped by rigid thought patterns and behaviours, a limited range of imaginative activities, as well as a poor understanding of day-to-day concepts, jargon and the abstract.

4. Sensory Disturbances. All people with ASD will have either heightened or lowered sensory perception; this may affect one or more senses.

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