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  • Cover furniture, especially couches and chairs, with blankets and throws, so that vomit can easily be washed out. It is easier to put a blanket in the washing machine than to keep scrubbing your couch clean. And make it old blankets and towels as breast milk, and especially formula, are difficult to get out.
  • Have a good supply of Bibs and Burp cloths, and leave a cloth in every room. That way they are always close at hand.
  • Have a good supply of wet wipes for both you and your baby. Leave packets in your bag, your car, the baby’s bag and most rooms in the house. They are great for cleaning up vomit and spills, and wiping your clothes if they land up in the line of fire.
  • Ask for help from family and friends.They won’t really understand what you are going through, unless they have personally experienced it, but an extra pair of hands to even help with doing the washing can be a lifesaver. I will soon be including contact details for maid/domestic worker and night nurse services, for the extra help you may need.
  • Accept all offers of help, especially if people offer food. It is the last thing on your priority list for the day, and yet one of the most important things… to eat!! If you don’t eat, your breast milk, energy and ability to cope will be significantly impacted. Home cooked meals can even be delivered to your home.
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