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By Helena Crouse – excerpted from Vitalise magazine


Cold winter days are upon us, which usually go hand-in-hand with winter sniffles and a compromised immune system. But not this year! This year you’ll be armed with our useful tips to boost your little one’s immune system, along with Sister Lilian ImmunoCare, the must-have remedy this season.


Tip #1 – Mommy’s milk is best

Sister Lilian says:

“Children should be breast-fed as long as possible. Premature and ill newborns should be given the mother’s colostrum.”

Mommy’s milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that help protect little ones against infections and illnesses. It even helps protect against allergies and eczema. The best part is: it’s free. The World Health Organisation recommends that a little one gets only mommy’s milk until he/she is six months old. After that, breast milk supplementation is advised until at least the age of two.

Breast-feeding your baby holds many other benefits. Not only do you bond with your little one, studies have also shown that it enhances development and intelligence in babies, and in the long run can boost their overall health. Plus, breast-feeding mommies are likely to lose the weight gained during pregnancy faster than mommies that don’t. So, what’s good for baby is good for mommy too!

TIP #2 – Say no to mucus

Sister Lilian says:

“Avoid or reduce mucous-producing foods like dairy, grain products and highly-processed fast foods.”

Too much mucus in your little one’s diet can lead to upper airway congestion and can also provide the ideal breeding ground for infection-causing organisms. Try to steer clear of dairy and grain products in your little one’s diet, and if you’re still breast-feeding, reduce it in your diet as well.


TIP #3 – Fun in the sun

Did you know?

The sun’s healing rays can’t penetrate glass. Vitamin D can thus not be generated while sitting in a car or by a window.

During winter we tend to stay indoors close to the heater and snuggle under a blanket or two. But don’t forget that babies (and adults!) need a daily dose of sunlight. Rays of natural sunlight work as our little health helpers – they convert the cholesterol in our skin to vitamin D, which helps keep our bones and teeth strong. Research also shows that vitamin D boosts the immune system, and helps fight cancer and cardiovascular disease. So take a stroll down a sunny street today – it’ll do wonders for your mood and body, as well as your little one’s health.


Signs of a weak immune system (mom or baby)

• constant fatigue

• repeated infections

• allergic reactions

• slow wound healing.

Sister Lilian ImmunoCare


Are winter woes dragging you down? Do you want to ensure your little one is happy and healthy all-year round? Then reach for Sister Lilian ImmunoCare. This combination complementary medicine helps balance, improve and strengthen the immune system to ensure faster recovery and reduce frequent bouts of illness.


This Article was previously published in Vitalise Magazine.

To view the Vitalise Magazine online, CLICK HERE.

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