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Strategies applied at home and school can ease some of the problem behaviours associated with APD. Because it’s common for children with APD to have difficulty following directions, for example, these tactics might help:

1. Since most children with APD have difficulty hearing amid noise, it’s very important to reduce the background noise at home and at school.

2. Have your child look at you when you’re speaking.

3. Use simple, expressive sentences.

4. Speak at a slightly slower rate and at a mildly increased volume.

5. Ask your child to repeat the directions back to you and to keep repeating them aloud (to you or to himself or herself) until the directions are completed.

6. For directions that are to be completed at a later time, writing notes, wearing a watch, and maintaining a household routine also help. General organization and scheduling also can be beneficial.

7. It’s especially important to teach your child to notice noisy environments, for example, and move to quieter places when listening is necessary.

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Auditory Processing Disorder all you need to know | Baby CalmAuditory Processing Disorder all you need to know | Baby Calm