In Reflux
  • Time your outings and feedings carefully. Avoid feeding your baby and then immediately placing him in a car seat which will squash his tummy. A seat wedge can be used to prevent your baby’s tummy from being squashed. These wedges can also be used for Premature babies. Or alternatively, find a car seat that does not have a deep well where the baby’s bottom goes, or fold up a receiving blanket and place it in the hollow to lessen the squash on your baby’s tummy. My little girl screamed everywhere we went in the car for 6 months! Try and stay calm and focus on driving. If it gets too much, pull over into a garage, or somewhere safe and attend to your baby. DO NOT try and calm your baby by turning around while driving. Your lack of focus on the road could cause an accident!
  • Try and get out, even if you don’t feel like it, or even if it takes you an hour to prepare. Seeing other people, getting some fresh air, all help to keep things in perspective and help to lift your soul. When you go out make sure you take:
    • 3-4 changes of clothes: baby grows and vests are easiest as they are relatively small and compact.
    • Plastic bags or nappy bags– not only for dirty nappies but for any clothes with vomit on them.
    • A packet of wipes
    • Disposable changing mat covers for using public facilities, or even at friend’s houses, to catch any vomit when you are changing a nappy
    • Extra Dummies– (sterilized if age appropriate)
    • An extra change of clothes for you, or a jersey or scarf that can be well positioned over the vomit marks!
    • Over the shoulder burp cloths
    • A breast feeding cover if breast feeding
    • And then the usual bum cream, nappies, hat etc
    • And of course a positive attitude. Your baby vomits, that’s life, don’t let it ruin your fun – just go prepared!
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