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Research has shown that babies are best able to digest breast milk, and as such, if your baby is suffering from Reflux, it is advised to breast feed for as long as possible. This does not take into account the numerous other health benefits for your baby if you choose to breast feed. This is however not always possible. Some Mom’s really struggle with breast feeding, or need to return to work, or suffer from ill health which is not conducive to breast feeding, in which case breast feeding is not an option. If this is the case then consult your health care practitioner for the best formula to use for your baby.

Before I had children, I thought that the difficult part would be giving birth and that breast feeding would come naturally and easily. I was wrong! Don’t get me wrong the delivery was not a walk in the park, but it was over relatively quickly, and I got the most precious little bundle from the whole process. I found the breast feeding exceptionally difficult and a lot of hard work to get right, maintaining the supply, and keeping myself healthy in the process. The best advice I can give is to get help! If you are a mother like me, who is struggling, get the advice of a lactation consultant, who will help you on the way. Don’t wait until your supply is too low, or your baby is loosing weight. Call a consultant within the first few days, if not on the day your baby is born. Sore nipples, aching breasts, and a screaming hungry child, are things any new mother can do without. If you are not sure if your feeding is going well, as there is no real way of measuring how much your baby is getting, then have a look at When to seek help from a lactation consultant” and find a lactation consultant in your area who will be able to help you.

If you are breast feeding or bottle formula feeding, and your baby continues to grow and thrive, despite the frequent vomiting, then the vomiting is just an unpleasant side effect of the Reflux. However if the baby vomits very frequently, and in such volume that the baby is no longer thriving and growing healthily, additional steps need to be taken to try and keep the food in the baby’s tummy for longer so that he can absorb the nutrients needed to grow healthily. In this situation it is important to seek medical advice on how to ensure your baby is getting enough food. Some of the possible solutions include specific Anti-Reflux formula or thickening agent to be added to expressed breast milk or formula.

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