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Once your baby has been diagnosed with colic, half the battle has been one because you know why you baby is crying so much. There are a few treatments for a baby with colic but dealing with a crying baby is very stressful.
These are some calming techniques that can help to ease your babies pain and calm them down, which will alleviate some of your stress as well.
  • Swaddle your baby to keep him feeling comfortable and secure. You can buy specific swaddling blankets which make the wrapping much easier. By swaddling your baby you will help to calm him down from over stimulation, and to prevent him from being woken by his own startle reflex. Remember your baby has spent 9 months in a very warm and confined space, by mimicking the womb, you could provide comfort to your baby.
  • Using swings or rockers, that provide gentle motion, can help to calm your baby. Always ensure that your baby is securely fastened into the chair. Never leave your baby unattended in these devices.What does colic look like | Baby Calm
  • Baby Massage can help to calm babies. The touch and deep pressure of the massage can be comforting to some babies. You should however be directed by your baby’s response to the massage.
  • Calming music may also help to calm your baby. Many CD’s are available to help soothe and calm your baby. These can even be played while your baby is sleeping to block out all the other household noises which may startle your baby.
  • dummy may provide comfort to a Colic baby. Discuss this option with your Health Care Practitioner.
  • Try a change of scenery or distraction. Crying never seems as loud outside!

If you feel are feeling overwhelmed call your health care provider or a trusted friend immediately. It is completely normal to feel like this but it is vital for you to get help for both you and your baby.

Please be sure to take your baby to your Health Care Practitioner to confirm that the crying is as a result of Colic and not some other medical condition.

I will however try to give you some practical suggestions on how to get through this very difficult phase in your baby’s life!

You can search our list of practitioners to find a health care provider that will be able to accurately diagnose and/or treat your baby.
You can also join our group of supportive moms on our Baby Calm Facebook Group.
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