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Baby Love is a nationwide company which was founded in 2003 and has over 6 000 clients, making Baby Love not only a very well established brand but one of the oldest sleep training companies in South Africa.


Baby Love specialises in routine and sleep guidance programs geared towards pregnant couples and parents of babies 2 years and younger.

Baby Love Sleep Experts | Baby Calm

Baby Love recommends that pregnant couples attend a Baby Love consultation about 4 weeks before their baby is due, so that their Baby Love Sleep Consultant can show them how to lovingly guide their baby towards a healthy, flexible and age appropriate day time routine and healthy sleeping patterns, thus hopefully avoiding routine and sleep related issues in the future.


Tired of being tired?  For those parents who are battling with a lack of routine and sleep, the value they will gain from their consultation is that their Baby Love Sleep Consultant will empower them with the tools and the knowledge by explaining to them how to lovingly yet firmly guide their baby/toddler onto a healthy, flexible and age appropriate day time routine and healthy sleeping habits.  Their Consultant will explain how to maintain the routine which will constantly change as their baby grows older.


Toddler Love was established in 2010 and specialises in routine, sleep and discipline guidance programs geared towards parents of toddlers 2 years to 5 years.  Toddler Love encompasses various topics such as how to deal with temper tantrums, night mares, night terrors, potty training, different parenting styles, various discipline methods.


Baby Love offers after-consultation support to its parents for 6 months on the particular program they have consulted on.


Baby Love offers skype consultations, consultations at the client’s home or consultations at the Baby Love Sleep Consultant’s place of work.


Baby Love/Toddler Love takes a holistic approach towards parenting and firmly believes it is different strokes for different folks and that sleep training cannot be done in isolation, all the pieces of the puzzle need to be looked at and rectified where necessary, before sleep training can be implemented.


Baby Love is passionate about making the parenting experience as joyous, fulfilling and happy as possible.  It’s not all about sleepless nights and screaming infants – there is so much more!  Baby Love is not a quick-fix solution – nothing worthwhile ever is.  But it works and it makes a HUGE difference to the way parents perceive the parenting experience, and that is our goal – to enable parents to apply their natural intuition, together with proven methods and principles, to create a rich, rewarding and stable life for the whole family

Baby Love Sleep Experts | Baby Calm


This article was written by Jacqui, owner of Baby Love.

Jacqui is a mom of two.  When her son Cameron was 8 months old he was waking 7 times a night and the only way he could fall back to sleep was if Jacqui or your hubby Miles patted him back to sleep.

The sleep deprivation was soul destroying.  Even though Jacqui loved Cameron, she didn’t like him anymore and she swore she would never have another child.  Everyone was tired, impatient, grumpy and just unhappy.

Miles and Jacqui successfully implemented the Baby Love program, the sleep training portion of the program only taking 7 days, and after 7 days Cameron was able to fall asleep unassisted and he was sleeping through the night.  Everyone woke up well rested and happy and able to function again!

Jacqui went on to have another baby, a daughter named Erin who was put on the Baby Love program from birth and who slept through the night at 3 months of age.

Baby Love is definitely designed for happy families, and the Flint family is proudly one of them.Baby Love - helping moms and babies everywhere to sleep | Baby Calm

Jacqui with Cameron at 8 months and her step son.






Baby Love - helping moms and babies everywhere to sleep | Baby Calm

Jacqui with Cameron, now 14 and Erin now 12.  Both children are well-adjusted, confident and independent kids who are very loving and most importantly – well rested!

If you are struggling with a baby who isn’t sleeping or want to find out more about the Baby Love program you can get in touch with Jacqui at or visit her website.

If you have a friend who is struggling with sleep issues please share this with them so we can help them get some sleep.

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