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Allergic reactions, from seasonal hayfever to asthma, eczema and life-threatening anaphylaxis, have a huge impact on quality of life, and the incidence is increasing at an alarming rate, across all ages from babies to adults. There are approximately 19+ million people in South Africa, living with asthma and allergies today.

The Allergy Foundation of South Africa | BabyCalm

AFSA, the  has recently launched the AFSA Allergy Seal of Approval to identify consumer products that are approved for use by those people with allergic reactions and that can be purchased with confidence.


The Allergy Foundation of South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Company and a registered Public Benefit Organisation. Its mission is to create awareness, to advise and educate patients, to promote responsible care, to assist with advocacy and to raise funds for professional development.


AFSA releases regular news updates on developments in this field to raise awareness of the vital patient resources available for educating everyone from allergy sufferers to parents, carers and school staff.


World Allergy Week is coming soon 22-28 April.

The Allergy Foundation of South Africa | BabyCalm

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