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I am a mother of two gorgeous children. My road into motherhood has however not been an easy one. My first baby was born with a tongue tie which made feeding extremely difficult. He also struggled with constipation, and suffered from food intolerances. My second baby was born with Silent Reflux, and also suffered from Food Intolerances and constipation. She screamed a large portion of the time, would cat nap during the day, and be awake more than half the night. The journey for me was long, lonely and tough, where I questioned my mothering abilities and often felt completely desperate, suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, and I like answers, so I spent many many hours scouring the pages of every website I could find, to see if I could help my little girl’s conditions and releave her discomfort. The majority of sites I found were international, offering products and services which could not be found in South Africa. I saw a huge need for a website that could help Parents who were walking the same road, find the help and treatment options that would help them and their babies. And so Baby Calm was born.

I have tried to provide information and tips that I found helpful, but unfortunately what worked for me may not work for you, as each gorgeous baby is unique and individual. Each baby responds differently to different treatments or approaches. What I have learnt, is that it is more a trial and error approach that needs to be adopted, than a perfect science.

This website is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis, nor do we endorse any Product, Practitioner or Service, however it will hopefully provide many options that you can try in order to help your baby. Always consult your Health Care Professional before you embark on a treatment plan, and never self diagnose. This can be a very lonely and difficult road, and it is sad, but true, that family and friends, as well meaning as they are, who have not gone through these problems, do not truly understand the impact on yourself, your relationships and the entire family. Having said that, use all the resources you have available to you, get as much rest as you can, and try and stay positive.

Please feel free to e- mail us and make suggestions of Products, Practitioners and Services that you have used successfully, which are not yet included on Baby Calm, so that we can include them in the hope that they may help someone else. Or if you would like to, share Your Story with us, or tips that worked for you. It is amazing the encouragement you can get from shared experiences and support.

This too shall pass, as much as you may never believe that now!

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