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Do you do a Christmas Eve box?

Christmas Eve boxes are very popular at the moment and they can be such a cute addition to your Christmas traditions. There are no rules to what goes into the box or even when you need to give them to your children. If you are looking for some ideas though, we have put together a few of our favourites.

This Christmas Eve Box crate is very pretty, you can keep the box and use it again next year, this will make it a great keepsake for your child. You can find these wooden boxes all over at the moment or if you are very creative, you could make your own little box.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas | HarassedMom

This box is jam-packed full of goodies, perfect for older toddlers. You can keep the same list of items each year and just update their size. Adding in a Christmas decoration is a special idea and your little one will have a great collection of decorations they can use on their own tree one day.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas | HarassedMom

This Christmas Eve box is all about art and crafts so includes a lot of craft items which we think is such a great idea. For older kids you could add in little kits for them make on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas | HarassedMom

If you are looking for printables for your Christmas Eve box, this post has some pretty printables that will make your box perfect. There are also some different content ideas in this one.

For those who want to create their won unique box, this list will help with some ideas of what to put in the box. You can add them all or just a few, it really is up to you.

We love this idea, it is perfect for older kids who love to bake. You can start a new tradition and they can bake with their kit on Christmas Eve. You can make any kind of kit – cookies, muffins or sweets.

The boxes don’t have to be for just one child but you can create a family Christmas Eve box that the whole family can enjoy. Adding in a board game or something similar is a great idea for everyone to be present on Christmas Eve.

We haven’t forgotten about the adults. You can create very cute boxes for adults to enjoy on Christmas Eve as well. You can get super creative with these boxes and add pretty much anything you want.

Have you done Christmas Eve boxes before?

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