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Holle Organic Oats Porridge

Holle Organic Oats Porridge is great for all babies and suitable for a wheat and dairy free diet.
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When to start:

From 6 months as part of a balaced diet



  • contains gluten
  • unsweetened
  • milk free
  • stool softening
  • easily digestible



  • Whole grain oats flour
  • Vitamin B1 (required by law)



The whole grain is prepared into a light, easily digestible and baby-friendly food. The full goodness of the grain is released with heat and moisture into the cereal and is therefore ideal for the development and growth of a baby. Through the use of the whole grain kernel, the natural contents and nutrients of the grain and seedling are retained.


Important Information:

Organic oats contain a considerable amount of starch, especially mucilage-forming carbohydrates. Oats also contain the highest levels of protein and fat as well as the highest share of vitamins and minerals (Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and the minerals silicon, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus) of all the grain varieties.


Oats are particularly rich in essential amino acids. The high levels of soluble and insoluble roughage's make oats a useful ingredient in "Functional Food" or highly nutritional foods.


Basically, oats are a food and nutrient which directly "feeds" your brain and nervous system.


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