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We all need an emotional boost now and again. Let's find out how Sister Lilian Remedies can help.


Let's face it – after a long day of juggling family and work commitments, most of us are at the end of our tether and need a good rest to recharge our batteries and reconnect our minds to the bigger picture. And after weeks of soldiering on at the relentless pace expected from a mom, it's quite normal to feel emotionally drained and, frankly put, lost.


So, where do you start to reconnect the dots of your life – to find strength for day-to-day tasks and looking after your family?


Sore Throats


By Jennifer Davies – excerpted from Vitalise magazine


Talking, singing, eating, drinking, and, of course, breathing are all reliant on a healthy throat, which is why, when it's sore, it really is a pain in the neck.

The most common causes of sore throats (pharyngitis) are contagious viruses and bacteria, so avoid those already infected, wash hands frequently, don't kiss people on the mouth, and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you're sure your hands are clean.


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In these pages you will find an array of South African Products, Services, Practitioners and Treatment approaches to cope with a baby or child suffering from Colic, RefluxFood Allergies and Intolerances Sleeping Problems, and much much more.

Not to mention practical and useful hints and tips for getting through this difficult phase. And who better to provide these tips, than Experts of their relevant field, and especially Parents who have already walked this road! Baby Calm is designed for Parents by Parents.



Silence Ear Complaints

By Helena Crouse – excerpted from Vitalise magazine


Much like a mom, the ear never takes a breather, even continuing to hear while you're sleeping. The brain (thank goodness!) blocks out any sounds heard while dozing off, ensuring undisturbed rest. But rest and sleep will seem impossible if your little one is suffering from earache. And with high-pitched crying on the agenda, it's no consolation that at 115 decibels, a baby's cry is louder than a car hooter.


Immune Lay the Groundwork

A healthy, balanced foundation for your baby's immune system starts with breast-feeding, good nutrition, a non-toxic environment, and some physical fun. Remember: they're relying on you for the best start.

Children are constantly exposed to bugs and toxins, but this doesn't mean they'll necessarily fall ill. The key to a healthy child is a healthy immune system – it protects and forms natural defences to fight off disease.


Boost your child's immune system


Asthma Triggers

The most common triggers are:

  • Viruses
  • Exercise
  • Allergies to aero-allergens (allergens that we breath in the environment) eg. Pets, dust mites and smoke.

If asthma is not well controlled, it may flare up from time to time.